Provide you the best taste solution for CBD and THC

  • 01-11-1
    True taste, strong potency. Visible oil window. Built-in charging port. Inhale activated.
  • P02-1
    True taste, strong potency. Visible oil window. Built-in charging port. Inhale activated.

Best pod systems for ultra-compact, on-the-go vaping

Are bulky vaping devices driving your customers mad? They may be the reason why your sales have fallen off a cliff. But you can bring them back to their highest again by reflecting the on-the-go vaping trend in your product collections. Take a closer look at CEVO cheap pod systems, rechargeable and refillable devices with slick minimalistic designs. They are here to provide vapers with the choice they deserve, bringing your sales to an unprecedented level.

As a new pod system manufacturer, CEVO focuses on making these devices easy to carry and safe. Made from high-grade materials, they contain no lead or other harmful substances and can be easily fit into the smallest pocket or used for stealth CBD/THC vaping. 

CEVO pod systems are known for the highest porosity, durability, lowest thermal expansion, and compatibility with a range of oils. You can also get them customized to meet your branding needs, whether you’re going for P01-M or P03-M.

How to choose the best pod system?

Both P01-M and P03-M share some features to impress your customers. To choose the best fit for your product offerings, look at capacity, battery, design, resistance, and other specs. You should also consider whether you need:

An anodized finish makes CEVO pod systems complete with improved resistance and better-looking end products. As a result, your customers can get fancy devices with great functionality. 

What’s more, our pod systems can be quickly refilled with any oil or traditional e-juice. It doesn’t take much time to do it and recharge any CEVO device, meaning that even a first-timer can get the hang of this in an instant. All vapers will thank you for making this so easy for them.

What makes these devices good pod systems for tech-savvy brands is that they are designed and built using our patented PREFILM and KCOIL technologies. They ensure a consistent, efficient vaping experience so that your customers can indulge in the flavor of their choice. CEVO’s PREFILM and KCOIL are a big breakthrough in the pod system market, making for more flavorful and safer vaping without having to replace any parts through the device’s lifespan. They are made with CBD/THC vaping in mind but can also be used to address more traditional vaping needs.

All wrapped into cheap pod systems

If you’re looking to expand your product line with refillable and rechargeable vaping devices rather than disposable ones, CEVO P01-M and P03-M are for you. They are available as pod systems at wholesale prices, just like our other products. However, the minimum order quantity may vary by device.

Order CEVO pod systems wholesale and start your new product line as soon as possible. Lightning-fast production time is guaranteed, even if you’re opting for custom devices with hard-to-design features.

We’re always ready to cooperate and negotiate any specific requirements depending on the contract details. Contact us for a quote and take CBD/THC vaping up a notch with CEVO!

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