Provide you the best taste solution for CBD and THC

  • D01-MP-1
    KCOIL (Patented) - Ceramic formulation specialized in CBD&THC. PREFILM (Patented) - 3rd generation...
  • D02-1
    KCOIL (Patented) - Ceramic formulation specialized in CBD&THC. PREFILM (Patented) - 3rd generation...
  • D22-1
    KCOIL (Patented) - Ceramic formulation specialized in CBD&THC. PREFILM (Patented) - 3rd generation...
  • D11-CR-1
    Inhale activated. True taste, strong potency. Protect the atomizer from being broken.
  • D12-1
    KCOIL (Patented) - Ceramic formulation specialized in CBD&THC. PREFILM (Patented) - 3rd generation...

Disposable e-cig manufacturer you’ve been looking for

CEVO now has a complete collection of disposables to make vaping safer and more diverse for your customers. While conventional vape pen can have different flavors, their variety is nothing compared to what you can fill your juices in when using our products. Many series are available for blank disposable vape pen by CEVO to allow for:

At CEVO, we continuously work on creating new vape pens to satisfy the needs of any business. As a quality-obsessed manufacturer of disposable e-cigs, we develop and enhance our vaping technologies to make vaping affordable, safe, and comfortable for everyone who chooses to vape with CEVO. 

Prevent your customers from inhaling harmful ingredients. CEVO is committed to testing all the disposables and other products for any traces of heavy metals. 

We only use food and medical-grade materials and follow the strictest R&D standards to protect vapers’ health. This is backed by our patented solutions that you won’t find in other vape pens.

Best disposable vape pen to vape with comfort and style

Have you ever wondered why your customers started vaping? Did they switch to it to quit vape pen or just to try something new? Well, it doesn’t matter with CEVO blank disposable vape pen. Whether your customers are looking to experiment with e-liquids for fun or they are CBD/THC vapers, our vape pens can be used for any purpose.

Standing behind PREFILM and KCOIL technologies, we’re proud to introduce the best disposable vape pen on the market. Here’s what you can expect when adding them to your other products for sale:

Want something unique? You can customize our disposables with your brand name, logo, colors, and more. This option can be enabled as you place your order.

Our disposables come in many shapes and activation methods, from the most sophisticated conventional D01-CP to inhale-activated disposable vape pens like D11-CR. You can choose the style, color, oil reservoir capacity, and other characteristics to get the unique combination to offer your clientele. If you can’t decide or are new to these products, we’ll be glad to assist. Contact us anytime to get the right disposables for your business! 

Expand your product range with wholesale disposable vape pen

Boost your vaping business and a range of offerings while paying wholesale prices. With our disposables, you can get optimally priced innovative e-cigs and support directly from the manufacturer. We’re looking forward to negotiating designs, colors, and any specific requirements you may have to start your own collection.

When working with CEVO, you’ll have exclusive pre-release access to the new products we develop, along with the chance to start sales ahead of your competitors. Plus, partnering with us means buying vapes and supplies at wholesale prices, so you won’t need other vendors to keep your business running. It’s a win-win!

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