Provide you the best taste solution for CBD and THC

  • C07-1
    Kiln-sinter integration technology (patent), certified in CA lab. Patented black ceramic formulation.
  • C04-1
    Certified in CA lab. Full ceramic cartridges for CBD&THC oil. Heavy metal free.
  • C03-1
    True taste, strong potency. Universally compatible.
  • C02-1
    Kiln-sinter integration technology (patent), certified in CA lab. Patented black ceramic formulation.
  • C01-CR-1
    World’s first full-ceramic cart with cottom-free. Universally compatible.
  • leak proof cartridges
    Metal or 316 Stainless Steel. Optimized leak-proof design. True taste, strong potency. Universally compatible.

Partner with the CEVO ceramic cartridge manufacturer to join market leaders

Are you about to introduce the world to high-performance, low-maintenance vape carts? It’s time to stock up on revolutionary ceramic vape cartridges wholesale with CEVO.

Operating in the cradle of vaping culture, we design carts that distinguish big vaping brands from those doomed to failure. The CEVO ceramic cartridge vape technology delivers the world’s leading heating and resistance capabilities in every cart so that your products can top all the shelves in your area. The refillable design of our cartridges helps your THC/CBD or nicotine-containing fillers maximize their best flavors for the ultimate vaping experience. 

Position your brand as a leader from the very beginning and ride the crest of the wave with refillable ceramic vape cartridges by CEVO. Our revolutionary ceramic heating element will make your customers come back to you for unsurpassed vaping experiences over and over again.

Benefits behind the CEVO ceramic cartridge vape technology

Cartridges are those essentials you can’t do without when jumping into the evolving CBD/THC vaping trend. But you don’t need subpar carts that go bad as soon as your customers try to refill them. Instead, you need something that’s efficient and easy to use.

CEVO refillable ceramic vape cartridges are designed for easy refills and low maintenance your customers will love. Choose from C01-CR, C02-CS, C03-CR, C04-CS, or C15-MP series to benefit from:

Are you on the fence about which series of the CEVO ceramic coil vape cartridges to choose? Take your time to contact our experts for help.

Go for ceramic vape cartridges wholesale and enjoy the fastest time to market

CEVO aims at establishing a long-term partnership with all e-cigarette and cannabis oil vape brands. No matter the size of your business, we’d be happy to work with you and ensure:

It’s up to you to make sure your vaping brand is a standout. Check out the MOQ for every cart series we can design, customize your order, and get it delivered to anywhere in the world!

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