Provide you the best taste solution for CBD and THC

  • B01-1
    Thick vapor long lasting. Widely compatible with mainstream cartridges. Protect the atomizer from being...
  • B11-1
    Preheating for a big initial hit. Thick vapor long lasting. Protect the atomizer from being broken
  • B02-1
    Preheating for a big initial hit. Thick vapor long lasting. Widely compatible with mainstream cartridges.

Power up your vapes with the best vape pen batteries

Whether you own a cannabis-containing e-cig brand or run a multi-brand vape shore, finding a trusted battery supplier is crucial. As the primary power source for any vaping device, an vape pen  battery is a must-have component for a great vaping experience for your customers. Let them get lost in thick clouds of vapor without affecting the lifespan of your atomizers with CEVO!

Our high-performance B01, B02, and B11 vape pen batteries are made for up to 650mAh in capacity and boast 100% safe, eye-catching designs. CEVO click-operated options take the complexity out of voltage adjustment and operation modes, while our install-it-and-forget-it batteries are compatible with a host of carts.

International quality certificates back all CEVO vape batteries. Expand your product range with the right one and rest easy, knowing you don’t put your customers’ experiences at any risk. For your peace of mind, all our batteries have damage-resistant features so that no burns or leaks can impact the hits they take.

How to select from CEVO vape pen batteries?

A wide range of disposable vape batteries can help you move your profits in the right direction as you cater to your customers’ needs when they come over for replacements. However, if you’re new to choosing what to pair your e-cigs with, you may end up with the wrong products. CEVO will be delighted to guide you further.

Before buying vape pen batteries wholesale, you should decide on the characteristics that align with your devices and choose those compatible with them. Here’s what you should look at when browsing through our B01, B02, and B11:

From there, you can narrow down battery options for your vape pens to offer your customers exactly what they need. Still can’t figure out what your perfect fit is? Contact us to make it clearer. We are always here to help you pick the best options, as your business growth is our greatest concern.

Why choose CEVO as the vape battery manufacturer to order from?

CEVO has been around for 15+ years and produces batteries using tried-and-true manufacturing practices. We value each partnership we go into and enable brands to either launch new product lines or expand their existing ones with batteries based on internationally-approved, certified technology. 

Another option you can leverage with the CEVO vape battery manufacturer is customization. Our batteries are fully customizable in terms of design to match that of your other products, be it a vape pen or cart. It’s up to you to experiment with battery colors or order standard options, depending on MOQ.

Are you worried about the investments you can’t afford? Game-changing technology and low pricing make for the backbone of CEVO. When ordering our vape pen batteries at wholesale prices, you’re never overstretching your budget. Set up your business for big savings!

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